Three Windows (2010-11/rev. 2015) is one of several of my works inspired by geography, place and time. This particular work takes its inspiration from the westernmost point of the coast of Vancouver, British Columbia. Here an open stretch of sky meets the vast ocean waters, and the coastline is defined by groups of towering pines and firs that are steadily giving way to massive highrise construction. Looking out toward the Pacific Ocean, one catches in a single glance the striking juxtaposition of nature, man and machine. Each of this work’s three movements isolates a specific element of this multi-dimensional panorama.
The opening movement, “Streams and Strata”, is a musical exploration of the constantly shifting layers and patterns of clouds, light, sky and water stretched in parallel streams across the expansive horizon. The middle movement “Soft and silent, encircling high” is inspired by the slow, unhurried and wide spiraling patterns of an eagle in solitary flight, as often observed over this coastal area. The final movement, “Metal on Wood” is a dark scherzo of sorts: energetic and explosive, the movement combines the driving rhythms of urban life with dark, unsettled undertones.
Three Windows was commissioned by the Turning Point Ensemble with assistance from the Arts Partners in Creative Development.