From a pedagogical standpoint, « The Scampering Scarecrow » is a violin book designed to give young violinists the opportunity to begin to experience foundational techniques such as right and left hand pizzicatos, col lego, beginning double stopping, glissando, staccato and legato bowing. For many, this will also be their first introduction to Minor Scales.

Each piece in the book is accompanied by a caricature of the individual or item in the piece; for example the scampering scarecrow, the Peek-a-Boo Ghost, or the Mischievous mop. In addition, each piece is accompanied by the scale which is pertinent to the key of the piece. Along with this scale are a number of rhythm patterns which are taken directly from the piece, thus allowing the student to create a solid foundation of rhythms before actually studying the piece. As an aside, both scale, rhythm patterns, and the actual piece have the piano accompaniment if needed by the instructor.

I have used this approach throughout my teaching career and have found it extremely beneficial in assisting the young student in the learning process.