Music for Vibraphone, Mezzo-Soprano, Oboe and Flute

Three pieces of music with very different musical qualities. There are two versions of Prayer of Mary Stuart. One is for vibraphone, mezzo-soprano and oboe and the other is for flute alone. Both versions of this piece are short and based on a tone row. By contrast – A Meditation on Runyan’s Faithfulness is a vibraphone solo based on the melody written by Runyan which is often used as the melody for the hymn words Great Is Thy Faithfulness. The premiere performance of The Prayer of Mary Stuart was given at in 1997 at The Lutheran Campus Centre, University of British Columbia by Heather Pawsey – soprano, Carol Pelkner – vibraphone and violinist Derek Darling (as we couldn’t find an oboe player who was available). A Meditation on Runyan’s Faithfulness was premiered a year later by Nick Coulter at a concert at St. Mark’s Church, Kitsilano, Vancouver, Canada.