• Maxine Thévenot, Director of Cathedral Music and Organist of the Cathedral of St. John (Episcopal) in Albuquerque, New Mexico, plays the cathedral's 2002 Reuter organ, op. 2210, of four manual divisions and pedal. Works explore the range of Baroque, Romantic, and the introduction of recently composed works in their recording premieres.
  • A complex sonic tapestry - Without Fear features works for solo instrument and interactive computer electronics, as well as works for "tape" alone. Performances by Miriam Arnold, flute, and Günter Marx, violin, reveal such a close integral relationship between musician and electronics that it truly sounds like extensions of the instruments themselves.
  • Women Write Music

    Orchestral Music by 20th Century Women Composers


    WOWOW was recorded live on November 14 and 15, 1997, as the New Orchestra Workshop (or NOW Orchestra) was celebrating its 20th anniversary with a concert series in hometown Vancouver, Canada. Three new works were created for the occasion, all of them featured (in part) on this CD.
  • Wu

    "Wu in Zen is ‘not’ the expected. The pleasure of Rudolf Komorous' Wu is the pleasure of the unexpected. Listening to a line of notes falling like water drops from a melting icicle, at irregular intervals, a note rising when you anticipate it will descend, a chord appearing in a line of single notes like a crow in a flight of sparrows. The pleasure of the unexpected." – WholeNote
  • Composer Jean Piché has written a dark and difficult opera for solo voice that is quite accessible harmonically at times. The music with its French and Spanish text by Yan Muckle is gripping, disturbing and mesmerizing. - Tiina Kiik, Wholenote