• Zoo

    Dan Lander is mischievous with his tools; you can hear him grin at several points throughout these recordings. His writing has a sense of play and naturalness that one rarely hears. These are works 'sans woosh', bare, sometimes painful and always passionate, as in works with intelligence, precision and guts.
  • Zodiac

    Jean-Guy Boisvert, clarinet and Louise-Andrée Baril, piano.
  • You Haven’t Been

    Frank Horvat - piano

    You Haven’t Been takes on a beautiful and captivating tone. Introspective, full of hope and despair, the music looks at this storytelling pianist’s own struggles with mental health. By getting these feelings out into the world, they are given a life all their own. You leave the experience changed.
  • Composer Jean Piché has written a dark and difficult opera for solo voice that is quite accessible harmonically at times. The music with its French and Spanish text by Yan Muckle is gripping, disturbing and mesmerizing. - Tiina Kiik, Wholenote
  • Wu

    "Wu in Zen is ‘not’ the expected. The pleasure of Rudolf Komorous' Wu is the pleasure of the unexpected. Listening to a line of notes falling like water drops from a melting icicle, at irregular intervals, a note rising when you anticipate it will descend, a chord appearing in a line of single notes like a crow in a flight of sparrows. The pleasure of the unexpected." – WholeNote

    WOWOW was recorded live on November 14 and 15, 1997, as the New Orchestra Workshop (or NOW Orchestra) was celebrating its 20th anniversary with a concert series in hometown Vancouver, Canada. Three new works were created for the occasion, all of them featured (in part) on this CD.