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Tree Noise & other dreams | A presentation and interactive workshop with composer and performer Rebecca Bruton

Doors 12:30 pm | Workshop 1:00 pm

Rebecca will discuss her multidisciplinary generative practice, exploring relationships between microecologies & interspecies entanglings within her home in Banff, Alberta, memory and musical sensation, and the freedom found in using older and obsolete technologies to create new work.  She will also discuss the politics of desire as a motivating force in both individual and community creative process.  Following her presentation, Rebecca will guide participants through an improvised-score-making session, using memory-based techniques from her own practice to generate new materials.  She will also teach participants how to make homemade tape loops, which will be integrated into the score and performed as a group.

Participants will be able to take home their completed tape loop, as well as a copy of the performance score created collaboratively during the workshop.

Non-professionals, artists from non-musical disciplines, and kids are welcome to attend.

Tape Players! The score-making session will involve a portable tape recorder/player—if you have a portable tape machine that you would like to bring, please let us know by writing in the comments area when you register! Organizers will coordinate bringing additional tape players as required.

The Canadian Music Centre is an accessible venue through a street level entrance to the right of the main entrance. The CMC has gender neutral washrooms. Contact [email protected] with any questions pertaining to accessibility.