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Social connections through music online

The Canadian Music Centre is the catalyst that connects you to the ever-evolving world of musical creation in Canada through performance, education and promotion.

During COVID-19 emergency responses, we will promote online events that  celebrate the music creators, and the artists who perform their works. During these extraordinary times of “physical distancing” we bring “social connecting through music”.
We celebrate the musicians who are catalysts for creativity across Canada.

What you can do to support musicians in Canada:

  • Buy CDs – because this is the best way for artists to receive income
  • Buy Centrediscs CDs – buying directly from the label is the best way to get more money to the artists!
  • Stream or download music through BandCamp, Spotify – because, although it isn’t much, each download results in royalties income to the artists
  • Become an online audience member and watch musical performances – because this let’s the artists know you’re still out there AND it will embellish your life during these times.
  • Stay connected and informed about upcoming events through our social media platforms.

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Last update: March 31, 2020

Canadian Music Centre BC, in partnership with Redshift Music Society, is pleased to present Unaccompanied, a new online concert series featuring video recordings of live performances of Canadian works written for solo instruments every Thursday at noon.

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As a composer, I felt helpless at home during this COVID-19 pandemic. Then I thought, I could at least provide my musical friends with new compositions while they are spending time in self-isolation. So, each day, I will try to compose and share a new 2-minute piece of music for an unaccompanied solo instrument or voice, or for a duo of musicians self-isolating together.

Watch Facebook and the website every day, at any hour, as musicians across Canada and the world are picking up their instruments and playing a little ‘Music for Self-Isolation’.

With the cancellation of all performances, COVID-19 has adversely impacted the world’s music community. This project is my attempt to raise the spirits of fellow musicians as they continue to traverse through uncertain times. We might be self-isolating but we are never alone…we have music!

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